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We, Snezhana and Lilia, specialize in stylish boutique clothing for those special occasions when you wish to look your very best and know your garment is simply unique. We put our hearts in everything we do and seeing our customers happy is a great reward! We offer individually tailored, hand-crafted garments; our collections are inspired by vintage couture and beautiful fabrics; we can mix, dye and appliqué different fabrics and styles, all beautifully finished with hand-work techniques.
As an established member of the National Chamber of Crafts in Bulgaria and a participant in fashion shows with our own collections on display, Snezhana moved to London in 2008 and thanks to her training and over 20 years of experience as a tailor and dress-maker, she now helps London designers in developing their own collections and mastering individual orders.... [Read More]
Elizabeth, size Uk 8-10 Elizabeth, size Uk 8-10
  • -70%

Elizabeth, size Uk 8-10

£1,200.00 £360.00
Grace size Uk 10 Grace size Uk 10
  • -79%

Grace size Uk 10

£1,300.00 £275.00
Lily size Uk 6-8 Lily size Uk 6-8
  • -60%

Lily size Uk 6-8

£1,300.00 £520.00
Lindy size Uk 8 Lindy size Uk 8
  • -70%

Lindy size Uk 8

£850.00 £255.00


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Bespoke Dress Making Services

Having a custom-made garment is a unique experience that allows you to express your personality, be different and ensure the right fit so you look and feel amazing.

As a start, all you need to do is book an appointment for consultation and visit us at the studio. We will discuss the design of your garment, your personal preferences and suitable materials. We will provide you with a quote and if you are happy to proceed, we will take your measurements and help you pick the best fabrics for your desired style.

Our service is individual, custom-made and your garment is hand-crafted in our London-based studio. The garment is drawn and cut for you personally and to your measurements.

You will have two or three fittings before the process is complete. We want you to have a unique and positive experience on every step of the way.